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2019 Season

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A big thank you again for a year filled with beautiful moments. It was really nice to see the progress of young people registered for SWAT this year. The coaches are motivated, patient, brilliant and can adapt their teaching to everyone. Another thousand times, congratulations!

For adult club members, thank you to the beautiful nights of tennis full of fun and challenge!

See you next year,

François Gagnon


We would like to thank the entire team of coaches and volunteers for the great tennis season! The dedication, dynamism and cheerfulness of the coaches were greatly appreciated! You know how to transmit to young people the desire to learn and progress in this beautiful sport that is tennis! We are certainly telling you: " see you next spring! "

Charline, Claudia and Mathieu


Thank you very much everyone at Tennis Wychwood. You guys are awesome! Everything is so organized at your club and we know that comes with a lot of hard work! Great job! 

Special thanks to the super nice and friendly coaches! You make tennis fun even for the parents watching behind the fence! You’re the reason that our kids keep coming back! Merci beaucoup! 

Looking forward to seeing you guys in Fall session! Good luck to all.

F. K


Considering several elements, the Wychwood tennis club is perhaps one of the best in Quebec. Congratulations to all and especially to your very nice coaches who create a beautiful atmosphere on the court.

  Eric T.


I want to thank the great team at the Wychwood Tennis Club. The quality of your work, the dedication of the coaches and especially the love and patience for each child is just incredibly beautiful! Kids not only love their sessions / games, but look forward to them every week. 

Look forward to seeing you next year!

Pam B.


Thank you all for the great tennis season.

Our kids are thrilled with the coaches, even more than we expected.

See you again next year.

Karen Lebrasseur, mom of Anaïs, Vincent and Rafaelle Godbout

We are once again, so very pleased to have had Aidan and Evelyn involved in the 2019 Summer program with the Wychwood Tennis Club. Their game has improved drastically.

Thanks to the professional, and supportive volunteers and coaches who ensure that the tennis activities were varied, fun and challenging for all skill levels. 

What a wonderful season!

Thank you,

The Stewart Family


This year was an excellent experience. The instructors are nice, patient and my son has learned a lot. But even better, he is motivated and sees his progress. He gained a lot of self-confidence and met new friends. That's all because of the Wychwood tennis club. A big thank you and see you this fall.

Suggestions: tournament league more than 1 game in the same day is good. Have a back-up if participant does not show up. It's really good practice.

Thank you

Marie-Pierre Dionne, maman de Josh Béland


My favorite part of the Wychwood club is the ladder league! Newly arrived in the region a few years ago, I did not know anyone. My ladder league registration allowed me to meet people who share the same passion as me: tennis! Again this season, my "circle of players" has expanded, allowing me to play thrilling matches! Thank you so much,

Suzanne M.

Wychwood has given us the gift of learning to play a wonderful game that we, otherwise, would not have had the opportunity to learn in other communities. It is truly special. The coaches are amazing and fun, with both children and adults. Their courses and instruction are always accompanied by a smile, enthusiasm, a love of the game, and a desire to share their knowledge of it with anyone wanting to improve! A big thank you to everyone who makes Wychwood possible, year after year. We cannot imagine Aylmer without it.

C and M

What a great summer! A big thank you everyone, especially the inspiring and dedicated coaches. They really make a difference by fostering a sense of belonging.  The Wychwood Tennis Club is such a special and important part of the community. We look forward to many more years of tennis!

Janis, Anders, Henrik & Lars

2018 Season

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We are very happy to have registered this year with you. My kids eagerly await their classes and really look forward to their ladder league games.

The coaches are fun and really nice ... they really do a great job.

Thank you again for making my children even more enthusiastic about tennis.



With the season already at an end, I would like to take the time to thank all of you for your time and effort for making the 2018 season another success at the Wychwood Tennis Club. The quality and dedication of the coaches were up to the challenge again this year to make it a rewarding experience for our young people.

Looking forward to next year,

Grégoire. M


Another summer is coming to an end. Once again, thanks to your passion for tennis, your dedication, your enthusiasm and your Club, Félix had a wonderful summer of tennis.

We wish to express our greatest gratitude to your entire team and share our sincere thanks for this great summer!

See you next year!


2017 Season

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We wish to thank you for another great tennis season at the Wychwood Tennis Club. The coaches and organizers were up to the challenge once again this year in 2017. We especially appreciated the care and time invested for the development of each tennis player and a sense of fraternity from the coaches and the players. We support you and we expect another 2018 season in another amazing year with the Wychwood Tennis Club .... without you, the experience would not be the same in this sport!

We want to keep the Wychwood Tennis Club as it is since it’s a real gem.

Many thanks to you!

Grégoire et Alex. M 


Thank you very much to the Wychwood tennis Club for the perfect introduction to tennis for Elias and Amelia.

The positive attitude of all the friendly instructors and the boundless dedication of France made their first months of tennis a rewarding and fun experience.

We'll see each other again in the Spring!

Christian, Karima, Élias et Amélia


What a terrific experience being a Tennis Wychwood Club member because the courses were so well prepared by the friendly instructors. It was a pleasure to play with young people of the same level. Summer went by too fast!

A big thank you also to the volunteers for their efforts.

William Couch

2015 Season

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I am writing to speak of the excellent work done by the team of volunteers at the Wychwood Tennis Club. This year, my spouse and I joined the club for the first time and were very surprised by the kindness of all of the volunteers and the efforts displayed in order to ensure that all of the events that took place during the season (for example, tournaments, leagues, méli-mélo) were a tremendous success. Without the involvement of the volunteers, we would not have benefited from events that were so well organized.

My spouse and I would like to thank all of the volunteers at the Wychwood Tennis Club and we are looking forward to seeing you again next year!

H. & M.

I would like to express my high level of satisfaction with the instruction received over the years at the Tennis Club Wychwood. My oldest son, Luka, who is now 11, has been taking spring and summer classes at the club since he was 6 and my younger son, Oliver, who is now 6, has been coming for the past 2 years. Both love their classes. The instructors are always very professional and fun at the same time. They provide a very positive role model for my boys. The Club is an invaluable asset to the community of Aylmer and one that we hope will continue indefinitely into the future. Children of all ages have benefited and continue to benefit from this professional and warm place to come together and learn a sport in a positive and enriching environment.




I am taking a few minutes to write to thank you for organizing the end of the season celebration. Noémie and Simon had a lot of fun. I also take this opportunity to congratulate you and to thank you for another great season of tennis. The instructors’ exemplary professionalism and enthusiasm have greatly contributed to this summer’s success. Our children are developing a growing interest for tennis!! Thank you also to all the organizers and members of the Board of Directors, and in particular France, for the quality of the Club’s administration. The information was clearly communicated to us and the Wychwood Tennis Club is in good hands!



Here is my testimonial!

An enchanting site, very personable coaches.

Congratulations to all the volunteers! Hats off!




Another season coming to an end …. What to say of the jewel that is the Wychwood Club. I do not know where to begin to express the gratifying words for the Club that has offered over the course of the last years good experiences for the youth and the parents. I sincerely hope that the Wychwood Tennis Club will continue to offer its services for generations to come. Thank you again to all the instructors who continue to impress me year after year!

G. M.


A contribution to the community. Professional, friendly and dedicated. Summer wouldn’t be the same without the Wychwood Tennis Club.



The Wychwood Tennis Club organizes a series of activities that enables me to really enjoy my tennis season: méli-mélo evenings on Monday, leagues on Thursday, clinics on Friday, ladder league, the club’s tournament, instructors present to play with us when we have no partner … what more to ask for! I am a recreational player, and I have managed to improve my game considerably during this last season because of the quality of the services offered. Through its numerous activities, we meet other players; it makes for more fun tennis matches. Thank you to the whole team – volunteers and instructors, you are great.


Thanks to Wychwood Tennis and its amazing team of coaches and organizers, we had another great summer. We love the SWAT program and wish it would have lasted even longer. And we love the positive energy and enthusiasm of the coaches. They really know how to engage the kids and build their passion for this wonderful sport. Hope to see the whole gang back next summer.

 M & S & O & N

The kids really enjoyed playing tennis this summer!

Hope they can continue next spring.



To the Volunteers of the Wychwood Tennis Club,

You are a great team,

Last spring, I was surfing the Web to find a sport for my children and I was lucky to find the Wychwood Tennis Club’s website. My husband and I registered our three children: Lary, Dallaire and Flaubert to tennis classes and to the junior league. On the courts, we have met devoted and engaged volunteers. Jonathan and Vincent were always ready to greet the youth with a smile. We have appreciated Jonathan and Vincent’s commitment towards the children. They took care of the children and made sure that arrangements had been made for them to go back home. Our three children have really enjoyed their tennis experience because they have met fascinating and reliable volunteers. They had fun and they have decided to continue to play tennis. It is a sense of achievement for the whole family.

Thank you very much to the Wychwood team.

Hoping to see you again next year, we wish you a nice holiday.

Mrs. Evelyne


Dear wonderful coaches,

We thank you profusely for the devotion you have shown towards all the Club’s future tennis players! You are patient, responsive, considerate and organized. No need to mention that my children love their courses and can’t wait to attend them each time. 

Thank you again for this wonderful season and see you next summer!

Mélanie, Jade and Ève’s mother



My two granddaughters took tennis classes for one session in the beginners’ group on Thursday nights and they really enjoyed their experience. The coaches were very patient and competent. They had a good sense of humour and knew how to encourage the efforts made by the young players.

I play in the morning league (3 times) and Alexis and Sandra are very nice and I really appreciate the fact that they join us when necessary. They adapt their level to ours when they play with us. We know that they are much better players than all of us and they are very modest and respectful. They are always in a good mood and are helpful.

 Thank you France and the whole team of volunteers and coaches for your devotion and being so nice.

Keep up the good work, we really appreciate all of you!

Suzanne Bélisle and Mounthara Sydavong

I would like to thank Tennis Wychwood for my son’s spring and summer sessions. I am amazed at how much progress he made in a few short months -- he’s gone from simply trying to get the ball over the net to working on his top spin! Full credit goes to the fantastic coaching staff. Their ability to keep a group of young active kids organized and focussed on learning while still having fun is impressive. All of my kids have played many sports -- recreational and competitive -- so I have seen a lot of different coaching styles with varying outcomes. The Wychwood group is a model coaching team. Energetic, encouraging, professional and unbelievably patient with kids of all abilities and personality types. I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Tennis Wychwood. Thank you very much to all of the coaches! A special thank you to France too. I appreciate her warmth, dedication, and excellent administration of the programs.


 My children have been taking courses with the Wychwood Tennis Club for three years now. The coaches are competent and dynamic. They propose a lot of educational and different alternatives to the game. They know how to make people love the sport right from the first class. The children improve their game at an astounding pace. We feel welcomed to the Club and at home right from the start.

Congratulations to the whole coaching team and thank you!



 Our 11 year old son, started playing tennis this summer. We have discovered a new sport and were pleased with our experience. Since the Broad court is close to our home, Antoine was able to leave his day camp (3 mornings per week) and bike to his tennis classes. For once we have activities and services in Aylmer; we need to encourage them to continue. Thank you to the whole team for your energy, passion and devotion. Thank you France for your fast replies to our questions. You are a great team! Thank you and keep up the good work. We hope to be able to continue the lessons next summer.

The Bourassa family

I used to play tennis as a child and have decided to get back to it after 25 years. My instructor Patrick is one of a kind. He is extremely dedicated to teaching and knows how to personalize his instruction to improve my dexterity. I feel committed to continue to progress.



You, the coaches, do such a wonderful job teaching these kids and making the game of tennis fun. I just wish the kids would appreciate your hard work as much as we do. They love you guys - but, they do not seem to realize how hard you work with them to become better players or at least enjoy the sport. 

 Thank you for all your hard work and great patience with the kids.


Congratulations to the whole team, to the coaches for sharing with the children your love of tennis and the fun you have in playing this sport. You are making great memories for all these little faces!



My name is Christine and my two children have been members of the Wychwood Tennis Club for approximately four years. The whole family is pleased with the organization; we only have positive comments. The program, the organization and the coaches are excellent.

In my view, it is imperative that Wychwood Tennis stays in Aylmer for our youth, It is an integral part of our community.




Thank you to the Wychwood Tennis Club for another great summer for my three children.

 The adaptability in the structure and in the services, the guidance from which my children benefitted through the courses and activities of this Club makes it an essential element for the planning of the summer activities for my family.

 This model organization is key to make my children want to play a sport. They have discovered and learned how to play tennis in a quality environment.

The quality and competence of the Club’s team have an immense positive impact on my family!

The Wychwood Tennis Club perfectly meets my expectations and my needs to make my children appreciate this sport.



Another nice tennis season for our family with Aylmer’s Wychwood tennis club. It is my 15th season as a member of this Club. I have seen the eclosion of a dynamic club that has elevated tennis to another level in Aylmer.

First, I wish to express my appreciation to all the members of the Board, the other volunteers at the Club as well as to the coaching team. Congratulations to all of you for being able to transmit your passion for this nice sport to our youth.

Through its numerous activities and dynamic team, the Wychwood Tennis Club is able to elevate this sport every year to a level of social activity where all participants, the children, their parents and other adults, get to know each other and feel that they belong to the Club. Thanks to Wychwood Tennis, tennis is blooming in Aylmer and all the residents benefit from this.

I am thankful for the tennis in Aylmer and wish a long life to the Wychwood Tennis Club!


For the past 17 years, my three children have been involved in tennis. I hope there is no increase in the fees since I would not be able to enroll my kids into tennis. They very much enjoy this game. It is one of the few that is affordable so please don’t increase our fees. Tennis Wychwood has a terrific team. R.L.

A short time ago we were introduced to the wonderful organization of Tennis Wychwood. My daughter, who plays at two tennis schools locally, and I can promise you the attention and dedication that this Club show towards not only the physical well-being and mental being is incomparable. In this day and age where physical activity is being compromised by electronics, it is even more important to support these kids and not only get them on the court but keep them on the court. Very happy to be part of a wonderful Club.


Nos Our kids really enjoyed the course and we hope that the courses will continue.


My son and I have been members for 4 years and had never played before. The affordability of the membership, leagues and children courses made it a simple decision to try it, and the joy of the game made it easier to keep coming back each season… The cost of the courses for children have allowed me to enroll my son each season. He has improved and enjoys playing this wonderful game that keeps him active. The various members who keep coming back make the leagues both competitive and social opportunities for me. Everyone is friendly and knows each other.

The Wychwood Tennis Club means so much to my family. My children have been taking lessons as well as taking part in the extra activities, games and tournaments. The instructors are amazing with the kids and my kids are learning so much and having fun. I have also taken group and private lessons this summer and often meet with friends to play. We are all very grateful to the instructors and organizers who make all of this possible. Summer wouldn’t be the same without it.

Hi there,

Mon My name is M.Z. and I have been living in Gatineau for 10 years. I started to bring my son Samuel to Tennis Wychwood since 2012 and we both love to learn and play tennis here. We love the people and coaches we meet here. They are professional and dedicated to teach kids how to play tennis. My son learned a lot, not only how to play tennis but also how to enjoy sport with others. We really want to come back to Tennis Wychwood for the next several years.


 2014 Season

My daughter’s tennis improved considerably with the summer junior ladder league. Her instructor Mathieu always provided her with positive feedback which has also allowed her to enjoy tennis while learning the technical aspects. Thank you Jonathan, Mathieu and Vincent.

From Sherry


Congratulations to the Wychwood Tennis Club. The whole team’s motivation, commitment and ability to have fun while teaching tennis have contributed yet again in helping a number of young and older persons to discover, love and make good progress at tennis. After a couple of summers, I am proud to see that my ten years old can play such nice rounds! Thank you.

Sylvain Tremblay


Thank you for teaching me how to play tennis. I have enjoyed my summer. The instructors are very nice.

Philippe (junior player)


I had a good summer with you. I like you a lot.

Louis (junior player)

This tennis club is a gem in Aylmer. All the coaches are truly phenomenal, motivating and patient with the kids. I took an adult tennis course with them this year and I improved my tennis skills tremendously. Cannot wait until next year to take another course!  

Thank you! Young


I was very satisfied with Alexis’ work during our morning leagues at Moussette. He was always on time, a strong player, polite and patient. Thank you Alexis!

Denise Comtois


As a father of two young boys, 11 and 7 years old, very energetic and with concentration problems, I would like to thank the Wychwood Tennis Club for their exceptional job last summer, as well as for the quality and the range of activities that it offers to Aylmer’s youth. As an educator, I can only congratulate the Wychwood Tennis Club and its team of young, dynamic and kind instructors for the quality of the programs offered that ranges from tennis courses at various levels, the junior ladder league, as well as the Friday night activities for the 5 to 15 years old. With this variety of offering, the Club has achieved a dynamic and real community spirit.

For one thing, the lessons are extremely well structured, with a good mixture of fun and technique so that it can reach and interest youth of all levels of play. As for the ladder league, it gives young players a chance to be initiated gradually to the tennis rules, while improving their concentration and their willingness to play. The league therefore represents a chance to play with friends more than a willingness to perform. As a result, it is common to see young players seeking occasions to play for fun with others on the practice field close to the playground, inventing new rules or reproducing the games they played during their lessons. Also, what can be said of the Friday night activity that was viewed as a fun place to be for 45 young enthusiastic, good and not so good, young and not so young players, in a relaxed and open environment, full of joy and laughter, in short an activity that my kids really wanted to attend.

Finally, I would not want to miss this opportunity to especially and significantly draw attention to the exceptional contribution of these young instructors who take care of our youth. These young responsible men are happy, responsible, fascinating and also very dedicated young men. I cannot find enough words to explain the important role that they play in my children’s life. Real models, they are authentic as well as wonderful educators that have nothing to envy to our professionals in the education world. 

By reading this, you will have understood that the Wychwood Tennis Club is a real gem for our Aylmer youth, and I would even say, for the entire community. It is a precise example of what constitutes the wealth of a community as it helps develop and bridge solid and durable relations amongst the members of the community and our youth while, over and above the increasing pleasure of playing tennis, helps to teach kids how to have fun together and to share with new friends, young and not so young.

In one word, thank you to the Wychwood Tennis Club and its instructors for this wonderful summer spent in your company. I will be back next year!

Danic Ostiguy


To the gang at Wychwood,
I want to let you know that I admire you for the energy, patience and enthusiasm that you demonstrate every day. You are exceptional persons; you have shown that you are intelligent, both emotionally and mentally, and that you are accomplished tennis instructors! For me, you are the tennis club! You were meant to be coaches; you always emphasize the positive aspects of the youths’ skills and the youths adore you. I also wish to draw attention to your commitment to the club, which is an attitude that seems outdated but that gives meaning to life. You have proven that it’s always better to have fun while learning! I am very happy that my son can grow personally with you through the summer by being in the “SWAT”. He has gained a lot of confidence by being around you. He has had a dream summer because of you! In our very busy life, we don’t take the time often enough to thank and to show our recognition. It is better to ask and make things happen like you did. So, hats off to the whole team, and special thanks to Vincent, Jonathan, Jérémi and Mathieu, with whom I have spent more time this summer. You are good models for our youth and are nice people. And, of course thank you France for overseeing everything and for putting together such a great team!


The group tennis classes at Wychwood are outstanding! The coaches, staff and all the members are phenomenal.

Keith Pabari


Again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the young instructors, not only for their efforts but also for their interpersonal skills and their devotion with the youth. The whole team’s work was exceptional, from the tennis courses to the tournament that was organized in a professional manner. We will most likely be there again next summer. Again, thank you so much to the whole team!



I am writing to thank the Wychwood Tennis Club as well as its instructors for another excellent season (2014). Two of our three children play tennis and we are very thankful for having been able to benefit from a physical activity that is accessible to us at an affordable cost and for the professional quality of the lessons. The instructors’ motivation and their approach with the youth are remarquable and our children are always happy when it’s time to go to the tennis court! Don’t change anything to this winning formula and many thanks!



Congratulations for your great work!



I would like to thank the SWAT instructors Vince, Mathieu, Gerry, Jo. You have been wonderful. Troy had a lot of fun while learning. He enjoyed spending his Friday afternoon with the gang. Keep up your excellent work; he will definitely be back next year.

Guy Lafrance


A delightful site, good quality courts and a friendly atmosphere, what more to ask for. 

Eric T.


For many years, the Wychwood Tennis Club has promoted tennis in Aylmer by offering lessons of quality and an opportunity to play tennis through various activities for all age groups. We shouldn’t change a winning formula so let’s not change this tennis club.

Enjoy playing tennis, Julien

I would like to thank the coaches at Wychwood for a great summer. As a beginner, I was afraid I would feel out of place and self-conscious, but the patience, support and positive attitude of the coaches gave me the confidence to learn and improve my skills while having fun.



The Wychwood Tennis Club organizes a series of activities that enables me to really appreciate my tennis season: Monday night’s Méli-Mélo, Thursday’s league, Friday’s clinics, the ladder league, the club’s tournament, instructors that are available to play when we don’t have a partner … what else can I ask for! I play for fun but, thanks to the quality of the services offered, I have managed to greatly improve my tennis skills over the course of this last season. The numerous activities have made it easier to meet other players and to dispute more satisfying tennis matches. Thanks to the whole team – volunteers and instructors; you are exceptional!

Véronique Duvieusart


Even though there are still many weeks of tennis left for the morning league, I wish to thank Alexis, our attendant, who is always there, in a good mood and who is a challenging opponent during our tennis games. I also take this opportunity to thank Denise Comtois who has been responsible for the morning league for many years now.



In my opinion, the Wychwood Tennis Club is a lot more than a tennis club. I have played on all of the City of Gatineau’s courts and even in Ottawa, but nothing equals Wychwood’s atmosphere and ambiance, which is created mostly by the volunteers, the people that we meet over there, the activities organized by the Club, the instructors and the attendants. For me, a tennis enthusiast, this greatly enhances the quality of life in the Aylmer sector.

Guy Bélizaire






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March 29, 2022


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